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About Us

Starting Small to Make a Big Impact

#BadGirlsClubFW, Inc. was established in February of 2021. What started as a regular group gathering of ladies, turned into a group determined to make a difference.

Our name started as a joke when two of our members happened to be gathering at work and were referred to as the "Bad Girls Club". The name stuck and we ran with it.

We wanted to do more for the community and were inspired by our employers' initiative to give back. We ran with the idea and never looked back!

Now, once a month, our group of empowered men and women along with our amazing volunteers prepares a home cooked meal for those in need. We create hygiene product bags for anyone who needs them and often bring free goods such as clothing, home goods, and weather related items.

We also purchase food to help fill our local food pantries and volunteer wherever we can to support our community.

We have begun to collect pet food and items for the Humane Fort Wayne Pet Food Pantry as well!


We continue to add outreach as our support and funding grows. Please reach out to us with any ideas or causes you would like us to be involved in!

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